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Bringing a pet dog into life, we get happiness, enjoy companionship, and share the love with the pet. It becomes an integral part of our life. But, dogs need care and affection. From time to time dogs might suffer from numerous health problems. Ignoring those things might bring catastrophe to our beloved pet’s life. So it’s better to fix a vet earlier if your dog needs any expert advice. If you see any unusual symptoms better communicate with the vets in no time. And most importantly, your canine needs to be vaccinated as required.   

What does a healthy dog look like?

A fresh breath and healthy gum is the primary thing to notice. A fresh breath is a sign of good health. The failure of organs or other diseases starts from tooth decay. A healthy dog has a nice clear, fluffy, and glossy coating that is parasite and dandruff-free. Pay attention to your pet to make sure it is lice, dandruff, and parasite-free. Gaining too much weight is alarming for a dog, it is a pre indication of something dangerous like cancer or other diseases. So, maintaining average weight, neither losing weight nor gaining much is ideal.

A healthy dog will have a mucus, egg, parasite, blood-free regular bowel movement. Your pet is your companion. If he is fit, he will have agility and continuous engagement. Another important thing about a dogs’ health, its ear has to be infection-free and smell-free, usually, a healthy dog has pink fresh inside the ear. Same with the nose, it should neither watery nor perched. Sometimes insects attract dogs, check if the dog has clean, itching-free skin.

Symptoms of your dog being sick

When your dog becomes sick, there are immediate symptoms you will notice, at first you will see a change in behavior like becoming lethargic, lazy, and unwilling to participate in anything. The reason for such behavior is the dog doesn’t feel good internally. If the pet is sick it might lose appetite and the food intake is less. They might have vomiting and diarrhea. Frequent panting and nasal discharge is the sign of cold and cough which needs to be treated soon. Sometimes the canine might have excessive thirst and urination which is not a positive sign. Dogs also get hurt sometimes fighting with other dogs then they don’t move much. Excessive discharge from the eyes may cause an eye infection. The pet parents have to notice these trivial issues to identify the pet’s sickness.

Why do dogs hide when they are sick?

It is a common feature of pets to hide under some cozy place when they feel’s kind of a psychological thing. Even when humans get sick, they find a place to rest where no one will disturb them. The same goes for dogs. Dogs usually hide under the bed, table, in the boxes, under the car in the garage places like this. Hiding in a secret place, dogs convey the message to be sick.

How do you know your dog is sad?

The signs can come up suddenly or gradually. Dogs become sad for many reasons. like, 

  • Your pet is no longer willing to, eat, play or go out for a walk. Becomes apathetic day by day. 
  • Become distant from you. changes in behavior
  • Change in appetite.
  • Change in sleeping pattern.

Reasons for dogs being sad

There are many reasons your puppy may be sad. You have to understand the reason for his strange behavior. But there are very common reasons that might upset your baby.

Death of a partner: Sudden loss of any child, death of a child, or losing any other pet of the same owner disturbs the pet. Losing a companion might be traumatic and it also frightens the dog. 

Shifting in a new place: Dogs are trained creatures. After training, they adjusted themselves to surroundings like the house, pets, hamsters, and their cozy bed to sleep. A sudden change of living place might perturb the pet.

Getting less time with a master: We know dogs are crazy for their masters. They want to be a part of the family. They want full attention and pampering. But, for any reason, if it gets less attention then discomposes him. If the master is late from work, they feel separation anxiety. Sometimes bringing another pet and pampering them makes the pet insecure.

Physical discomfort: your baby may be sad due to physical discomfort. It might get hurt fighting with other dogs, or getting hurt by something. So, check the body thoroughly. 

What can you do about your canine’s sadness?

  • Figure out when these symptoms started and try to relate the reason for his sadness.
  • Call the vet and go through a thorough check-up. 
  • Change in routine
  • Try some new diet 
  • Take him to a brisk walk and socialize with other people.

Dogs with the least health problems

Australian Cattle dogs: known for longevity, Agility, and least health threats. Even it can direct a herd. These dogs get health benefits from exercise and they are also medium in size. 

German Short-haired pointer: They have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. They are mostly used for hunting. They need a certain amount of exercise. A friendly dog to company children at home. They have polka dots on their skin which gives a unique look and distinguishes them from others.

English Foxhound: these are the dogs that need the least care. They are active naturally. They are mainly used for different search operations for their capacity to run for hours in stealth mode. Even they have the least health problems than other dogs.

Pyrenean shepherd: These are one of the most cutest breeds around the world. They are fluffy and niche back in color. Their origin is in the alps. They are free from genetic diseases naturally but prone to allergies. They are a very popular breed around Europe.

Chihuahuas: If you once see the pup it’s hard to take it off your lap. It is the tiniest in size and has a brown and black combination coat. The eyes are big and the ears are is the puppy with the least health hazard. It might live up to 17 years. They are agile and energetic.

Poodle: These dogs are also known for their longevity and least health problems. They are so adorable and bubble-shaped fur covers the body. It is considered to be the most healthy pup with the most longevity. These puppies need the least care.

Mixed breeds: There are around 20 to 25 breeds that are best as pets with low maintenance and the highest longevity. Mixed breeds have always been the healthiest breed than singular breeds.

Diseases men can get infected from dogs

Rocky Mountain spotted fever: Your puppy can carry ticks in its fur which is not traceable. A bite from it on humans can cause rocky mountain spotted fever which is almost like flu.

Infected by roundworm:  dogs are likely to carry roundworms into feces. That might spread to the human body which causes fever and cough and many other health complications to the human body. 

Rabies: It is the most common disease transmitted through dogs to humans. Vaccination can prevent this spread.

Other than these many different types of viruses and bacteria are transmitted to human bodies, especially babies.

Healthiest dog food in the market

Finding the right food for your dog is a hard task. You have to find food that is free of artificial flavors and fillers. Dogs usually need meat to fill up their hunger and nutrition. You have to choose the food according to your dog’s needs. Poultry is also a healthy source of protein for canines. There are numerous brands to choose the right food for your pet. There are some brands recommended by vets;

  • Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food
  • Royal Canin Dog Food
  • Purina pro plan pet Food & nutrition
  • Nom Nom Now fresh dog food
  • Wellness CORE: Natural pet food
  • Hills prescription diet for dogs
  • Nutro Ultra dog food

 These are the famous brands according to research and feedback from users. You can try homemade food for your pet too.

Common dog health problems 

Cancer: Dogs are likely to have cancer like humans. This is so common in dogs. They suffer from lymphoma, melanoma, breast and prostate cancer like humans. The treatment is also the same as chemotherapy and surgeries if there is any unusual lump on your pet’s body. Don’t ignore it.

Obesity: obesity is another concerning issue for pet owners. It might be a sign of heart diseases or kidney diseases so it should not be ignored.

Arthritis: It is the most common health issue dogs suffer. When dogs get older the symptoms develop. They walk slowly and suffer from excruciating pain. Medicines are available to do the treatments.

Cataracts:  when the lens of the eyes becomes hazy and pets feel difficulties seeing, it’s called Cataracts. It is a common health hazard among older dogs. It can also generate since birth or some accident.

Worms: Pets roam around the streets and fields, they might carry worms from there. These worms carry viruses and bacteria that might harm the dogs and infect surrounding people.

Ear infection: Dirt, dust, and other infectious objects get locked inside the pet’s ear. Later that might emerge infection. That’s very common among dogs.

Other than these, diarrhea, cold and cough, skin disease, toothache, digestive problems are very common in pets. These need extra care. Raising a pet is like raising a child.

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